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We have been very busy reading , some art work, block building, dinosaurs, playdoh and so much more!!! New words like Peter, pumpkin, in and wife.

Letter from a parent!!

Shannon Straley:
Karen – Hi!! Hope things are going well for you guys! I just wanted to share something with you. I remember you telling me all the time how smart Jayden was and how at 15 months he had the vocabulary and articulation of a 3 year old. Well he recently completed his first 9 weeks of kindergarten. Hid math skills are off the charts, he can do most basic multiplication problems and any addition and subtraction problems. His teacher now gives him special homework because the homework for the class is too easy for him. At the end of his first 9 weeks of kindergarten, they gave all of the kids a reading test to see how they were doing. Jayden blew the kindergarten test out of the water so they gave him a 1st grade reading test. It is scored with the results in either red, yellow, blue, or green. At the end of his first 9 weeks in kindergarten, he scored as a high blue on the 1st grade reading test. They told me it had 34 questions that he had to read the question and then the answers to answer it correctly. They also said it only took him like 5 minutes to complete. After Christmas they are adding harder books and by the end of the year, they said they plan to have him reading chapter books like the Magic Tree House series. I was also told to make sure at the endnof the 1st 9 weeks in 1st grade to request that he be tested for the gifted program. I thought you’d like to hear how well he’s doing in school, especially since the other big part of why other than me is you. 😀 Thank you for always pushing him when he was there.

We love you guys too! I wish my youngest could come to you. He’s already showing much of the same signs Jayden did. 😀