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Very productive day!

The kiddos have practiced their writing skills, did some math and science. We read some really good books and the kiddos told me what happened at the beginning, what the story was about and what happened at the end, fanstastic!!! We have worked on counting, patterns and more or less. As I said a very productive day!!

Summer Fun

School is out and we will be having lots of fun with water play, science experiments and so much more. Who can read the most books over the summer! 

Seeds and spring time

We have planted our pumpkin seeds and now we are watching them grow. Learning new words such as seed, roots, stem and so many more. Spring where everything comes alive again. The kiddos are paying attention to the little details of spring flowers and trees, bees and so much more

Letter Mm

We have been working on letter Mm and our colors. Reading our letter m book and If You Give A Moose A Muffin book. So many words with the letter Mm. Monkey, more, Muffin, Moose and so many more!